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All classes are taught by the founders of body reformers, Liza and Suzanna.


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Our online class is boutique and personal, just like our studio.


More than 19 target areas and workout style for all levels of experience.

Workout wherever you want, whenever you need.

From the comfort of your home, we put our best classes at your fingertips. Access your favourite workout on any device.

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Just like our boutique studio, our online studio is just that boutique and personal, without the mass-produced content which is overwhelming. We keep it simple as we know what works!

All classes are taught by the founders of body reformers, Liza and Suzanna. Each workout has been carefully created to target specific parts of the body with intense activation focusing on technique to ensure effective, fast and long-term results. Be assured all workouts are safe and appropriate for anyone as levels are provided.

Client Love ❤️

My favourite is the Ab Starter. I keep going back to that one to recenter when I miss a number of weeks of classes, its my go to. The Daily Arm toner is a killer
Fiona G
Loved Booty Burn - Ill be keeping that in my routine on a weekly basis
Emma C
I have been doing my evening sessions outside on my balcony in the breeze with my pool, the village lights, and the stars as my view. Its beautiful
Jeni from Bali
Body reformers TV means I can get my Pilates fix at a time and place that works for me. Lunch breaks in the botanic gardens in the city or late night at home. Short but effective work outs for a great price. Lots of varied and focused workouts
John Prunty